1. What is it?

Pitch Black is a competition modeled after the "hackathon" concept. The goal is to leverage cross-disciplinary teams and design thinking principles to arrive at innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time.

2. Do I need a team? How big are the teams?

No. Feel free to sign up alone. Teams of around four will be formed on-site. This also gives you the opportunity to work with friends should you desire to do so. Diversity of background, discipline, and/or school is encouraged.

3. Do I need to have an idea already formed?

No. We are working with the City of Chicago to form questions/prompts that will be aligned around economic development, education, public health, and community engagement. These will be real problems that city officials are currently trying to address and will be released prior to the event.

4. How long is the event?

The event will begin Saturday morning and conclude on Saturday evening with the announcing of the winning team & idea. You will be done in time to grab dinner and make moves.

5. How long is the pitch? 

The final pitch will be roughly 2-3 minutes inclusive of a short amount of time for Q&A. No pressure. 

6. Who am I pitching to?

A panel of business leaders, professors, and city officials has been sourced to judge the ideas. 

7. Why should I do this?

Despite it being the 21st century and decades since the eradication of Jim Crow laws, serious economic, social, and political issues still persist within the Black community. This is evidenced by the lower wealth, lower health, lower parental education levels, more dealings with the justice system and other circumstances that face many African Americans in comparison to others within our country. This is a real opportunity to play a part in enacting change and making this country a better place for all who inhabit it. Get involved!